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Welcome to La Escalera de Balthazar, a restaurant that brings the best of Mediterranean and Provençal cuisine to Benahavis.

We started with a simple vision: creating a one-of-a-kind, gourmet dining experience in one of the most picturesque corners of Marbella. At our restaurant, you will find only the finest, freshest ingredients and simple recipes that preserve their authenticity, flavor, and texture. We believe that the magic of food lies in honoring the purity of each ingredient and that every bite should be an experience worth savoring. The greatest proof of our passion for culinary artistry is reflected in our ever-changing, seasonal menu, which showcases the best produce Andalusia has to offer.

But, the food is only half of our story. We have an unwavering passion for wine and our carefully curated wine selection is a testament to this, taking you on a journey through the diverse terroirs of Spain. La Escalera de Balthazar is a haven for wine enthusiasts, a place to discover the rich Spanish viniculture where we proudly showcase some of the finest local wines.

Chef holding a cigar case in La Escalera de Balthazar, restaurant in Benahavis


At the helm of La Escalera de Balthazar is the Founder and Chef Patron, Cyrille Troesch. A culinary virtuoso with an illustrious career that spans the globe, his experience includes work at some of the world's most renowned Michelin-starred establishments. Growing up in the gastronomically rich region of Provence in southern France, food was always a central aspect of his life. Cyrille's deep-rooted passion for cooking began at a very early age, spending hours helping his mother in the kitchen as a child. Since then, he has had the privilege of working alongside culinary legends like Gerard Boyer, Alain Roux, and Raymond Blanc, absorbing their wisdom and perfecting his craft. 

His dedication to the art of cooking led him to travel extensively, exploring culinary traditions and flavors from all around the world, from the vibrant Japan to the lush Amazon rainforest. This global exploration has left an indelible mark on his cooking style, evident in our restaurant's menu and daily Chef's specials where he experiments with international flavors. A seasoned expert, Cyrille excels at F&B consulting, crafting new restaurant concepts, and bringing them to life. His creative vision and strategic approach have been instrumental in the concept creation and success of many dining establishments around the world. 

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